About Us

KMSE Service understands how crucial it is to find the right employee with the right skill sets who can contribute to the success of your business. Whether you are a small business or a large corporate with your own HR department, finding the right people is never easy. This is where we can help.

We have a workforce that is spread all over USA with just one mission to fulfill - finding the right people to meet your specific needs. You may need people with a certain level of experience in a particular domain, or in a specific location. No matter what you require, our competent staffing services division will find people who will meet the unique needs of your company.


At KMSE our goal is to get professionals hired in jobs that provide employment opportunities and career advancement. We are a Minority and Women-Owned business specializing in job placement of employees from various career backgrounds. We offer employment opportunities for those who are looking for a professional career in their respective fields. While many professions require a college degree, these unique opportunities do not require a college degree for employment. We place many professionals, including IT, Administrative and Office Personnel, Warehouse, Forklift, and CDL Drivers, Supply Chain, Food Service, and Customer Service. We have the ability to fill any type of position.


We believe if you have the right skills, you have the right job. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to work in their profession earning a livable wage. We further believe everyone should have the ability to prosper, have good healthcare, and provide safe shelter for their families.